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To Be On Time Is To Be Late

Posted by: david at 10:22 pm on July 11th, 2016

Office+Mate+Wall+Clock.jpgWhen I was in high school I played saxophone in a jazz band that accompanied a 20 member show choir. For three summers I toured all across Iowa and even performed at the nation’s capital in Washington DC. This experience shaped me into who I am today, not only as a musician but as a person in general.

While on tour, we were responsible for getting ourselves places on time. If you were late to pre-performance meetings or rehearsals there were consequences. If you were late for the bus in the morning… you might have serious problems.

One of the directors of the group was especially influential to me in many ways. One of his mottos I remember most was this: “To be on time, is to be late.” In other words, get there early! This is a good practice to be in no matter what the occasion is.

Musicians typically have a lot of equipment, and need a fair amount of time to set up and check everything. I always like to arrive at my destination with plenty of time to spare; I really do not like being rushed. Being ahead of schedule allows you the flexibility to deal with any unexpected events or malfunctions that could arise.

You also owe your fellow musicians and audience the respect of being punctual. It isn’t fair to the guy has been setting up for 90 minutes when you show up 5 minutes before show time. Or worse, if you are late and disrupt the start time of the show.

One embarrassing moment from my time on the road was when I almost missed the start of the last of our three sets. I was hanging out backstage, talking and playing guitar with one of the other band members. All of a sudden we realized the rest of the band was gone. We rushed out to the stage as fast as we could. As we frantically scurried to our seats someone in the audience yelled, “Hey, you’re late!” The first tune kicked off the exact moment my butt hit the chair. This was a mistake that I never made again.

It doesn’t matter if you are going to band practice or getting ready for your All State audition, get there early. You will be more focused and relaxed, which will result in a better performance than had you rushed in.

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David-Arnold.jpgA graduate of Luther College, David Arnold has been providing high quality private music lessons to students of all ages for over 15 years. His specialties include saxophone, guitar, and bass guitar. Drawing upon his diverse musical background, David provides a unique experience that merges his formal training in music with his professional performance experiences. Students will learn to be confident, well rounded musicians that are capable of performing in a wide array of musical settings.