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How To Get Better Without Even Practicing

Posted by: david at 10:09 pm on July 10th, 2016

tv.JPGWhen I was in high school someone gave me a piece of advice that took me many years to understand. A fellow jazz musician said to me, “If you want to get good at your instrument you need to hold it as often as you can. Even if you hold it while you are watching TV you will get better.”

This friend of mine was a bit out there, and had some philosophies that were beyond my 17 year old mind. This idea, however, I have seen is true from my own personal experiences. Probably the time in my life in which my guitar playing improved the most was when I was a guitar salesman.

I didn’t spend all day playing guitars, but I was surrounded by them all day, every day, for three years. My daily activities included: unpacking, tuning, cleaning, changing strings, etc… I also would demonstrate various models for customers, as well as watching many players of all abilities. My world centered on guitars.

At this time I had played guitar for about 10 years, but I still didn’t feel comfortable on the instrument. This new found relationship with the instrument created a sense of confidence; a connection developed that I had never felt before.

I tell many of my students to get their instruments out if they are watching TV. Now, I am not in any way suggesting you should practice in front of the television, but since you are just sitting there anyway you might as well do something useful.

So if you would like to gain more confidence in your playing and have a greater connection to your instrument, pick it up and hold it even when you are not actively practicing. You will be surprised at how much your playing will improve. If you have any questions or would like to sign up for private lessons contact The Marion Music Academy at 319-377-3343.

David-Arnold.jpgA graduate of Luther College, David Arnold has been providing high quality private music lessons to students of all ages for over 15 years. His specialties include saxophone, guitar, and bass guitar. Drawing upon his diverse musical background, David provides a unique experience that merges his formal training in music with his professional performance experiences. Students will learn to be confident, well rounded musicians that are capable of performing in a wide array of musical settings.