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Listen To Yourself

Posted by: david at 9:02 pm on October 2nd, 2016

1766-closeup-of-a-shiny-saxophone-pv.jpgAs a musician, one of the most important aspects of our playing is our sound. As a young saxophone player, I would hear players I liked and try to emulate the tones they produced. Unfortunately getting a true grasp of how we actually sound is difficult. The reason for this is that the design of most wind instruments is such that the sound is going away from us.

One of the most useful tips I learned when I was in high school was to practice facing a wall. This causes the sound coming from your instrument to bounce back at you. This not only works for trumpet, trombone, and other wind instruments; but it also works for vocalists.

When you practice in front of a reflective surface you will hear all of the subtle nuances in great detail. Walls a great, but mirrors or windows are even better. The smooth surface of glass will reflect the sound more efficiently that your typical wall material.

You can start your practice session with long tones and scales. Take your time and pay particular attention to the sound of your instrument. Take note of how it compares to the sound you normally hear. You may find there are things you want to change. You may also find that you like your sound more than you realized.

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david-arnold-live-solo.jpgA graduate of Luther College, David Arnold has been providing high quality private music lessons to students of all ages for over 15 years. His specialties include saxophone, guitar, and bass guitar. Drawing upon his diverse musical background, David provides a unique experience that merges his formal training in music with his professional performance experiences. Students will learn to be confident, well rounded musicians that are capable of performing in a wide array of musical settings.