Marion Music Academy


What parents are saying:

Marion Music Academy has been a wonderful experience for our family. All five of my children take music lessons during the same half hour and they are taught by highly qualified teachers.

-- Melissa H.

The Marion Music Academy has been a wonderful place for my daughter to learn piano. She has been attending lessons at the Marion Music Academy for the past 4 years; since she was almost 5. Her instructor has always been able to teach the music for my daughter's level of understanding and abilities. My daughter enjoys her lessons and really enjoys the incentive program Marion Music Academy has to encourage practicing. As a parent, the level of communication between the school and parents has been outstanding. The teachers want to talk to parents weekly to go over the student's progress. Any schedule changes, while irregular, are communicated through phone calls. I have also enjoyed the flexibility of the summer program! When my son decided to try drums, I had a hard time waiting for the Academy to expand its program to drum lessons. After my experience with the Academy, I knew any lessons my son took there would be of high quality!

-- Aimee Williams

Thank you for being such a wonderful piano teacher for Peter. You have inspired him to learn and to love playing piano. I wish I had a teacher like you when I was learning to play the piano.

-- Kitty Burroughs

You have made piano so much fun for Ellen! You have made a lasting memory!

-- Susan Moser

We greatly appreciate your patience with Katherine through all these years. Your inspiration has paid off!

-- Jie Wu and Yu Zhou

Thank you for the time you've spent with Michael. I see how he's improved, and how he enjoys practicing now.

-- The VanLeuven Family

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