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Why the Academy

Why Choose Westside Academy for your Dance Classes?
  • Small class guarantee (class size max 8 for ages 2-6, max 12 for ages 7+)
  • Modesty promise (costumes, movements, staff dress, music choices)
  • All Adult Teaching Staff (no high school age teachers)
  • 100% money back guarantee on your first class
  • Parents 1 way viewing windows ALWAYS open
  • State of the art, professional dance flooring
  • Comfortable parent waiting and viewing area
  • FREE show DVD
  • FREE Participation Medal for end of year show
  • FREE Showcase T-shirt with all cast names on the back
  • Our tuition includes dance showcase dvd, music recital dvd, tshirt, music recitals, medals, and academy yearbook!
  • Schedule children in multiple music and dance classes at same time
  • 10% discount on your 2nd class!


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Program Features


Physical fitness is something every child needs and here at The Academy, we believe it should also be something they want! The Academy offers classes for all types of children looking to be physically fit as well as learn new and exciting skills. The skills we teach include basic to advanced techniques to help each child reach their dreams.

Parent Viewing

Parent involvement is very important to us. All of our classrooms can be viewed through the viewing window in our waiting area. Parent viewing is ALWAYS open.


We want our Academy kids to always strive for progression. We help them achieve this with experienced, inspirational teachers as well as parent days, showcase shirt, and even a free DVD of their June performance!


Our teachers not only dress modestly, but also teach modest movements using music with conservative lyrics in all classes.

Small Class Size

Our class size is smaller than other studios because we believe in individual attention. We limit our classes to 8 students for students 2-6 years old and a maximum of 12 for students 7 and older. We want your child to have the very best educational experience.

Exceptional Facility

Our dance studios have a professional floating floor which means is not mounted into the walls, therefore floating, to help give a spring like experience for injury prevention. You may also order dancewear through the academy as an added convenience to students.

Why Choose Marion Academy for your Music Lessons?
  • University trained teachers with various performance backgrounds
  • FREE dvd of the music recital for each family
  • Skill ribbons and participation medals
  • 100% money back guarantee on your first class
  • Schedule children in multiple instruments or classes at same time
  • Students choose what they want to play
  • FREE recitals 2 times per year

Program Features


At the Academy, we understand and recognize that every individual is unique. With that in mind, our teachers develop lessons based on each student's needs and music goals. All of our music teachers are university trained with extensive backgrounds in performance. Our teachers are selected based on their educational background and ability to relate to students in a positive and enthusiastic manner.

Performance Recitals

Music students have two, FREE recitals each year to showcase what they have learned. Recitals are optional events that your child will prepare for months in advance. Performance participation medals are given at the spring recital to highlight student achievement. Recitals are held at Antioch Christian Church and are free for guests to attend. Recital times are available six weeks prior to the event.

Parent Involvement

Teachers agree that the long term success of your child in music largely depends on parent involvement. Though parents do not need to sit with their child during every practice minute, they do need to arrange when practice will happen and ensure it does. A regular practice schedule provides your child with the structure necessary to progress in their music ability.

What Our Parents Are Saying...

We greatly appreciate your patience with Katherine through all these years. Your inspiration has paid off!

Jie Wu and Yu Zhou

Thank you for the time you’ve spent with Michael. I see how he’s improved, and how he enjoys practicing now.

The VanLeuven Family

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